While taxi companies carry thousands of paying passengers annually, not all are diligent about hiring qualified and responsible drivers. This can sometimes lead to reckless and careless taxi drivers causing avoidable traffic collisions.

When you are hurt in a taxi accident in Houston, you may be able to demand civil compensation, regardless of whether you are a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian. One of our seasoned car accident attorneys could help you effectively pursue this financial recovery to ensure you are not burdened by the costs of your injuries.

Are Taxi Companies Liable for Negligence by Their Drivers?

Unlike rideshare companies, which generally employ drivers as “independent contractors,” taxi drivers are often “employees” of the companies. Therefore, the employer may hold “vicarious” liability for a crash caused by the Houston cab driver’s negligent misconduct. This misconduct could include breaking a traffic law, driving drunk or high, or otherwise acting irresponsibly behind the wheel. Vicarious liability could allow for much greater recovery than a claim filed solely against an individual driver likely could.

Alternatively, a third party not directly involved in the accident could hold partial or primary fault. For example, a mechanic who failed to keep a taxi in safe working order or a manufacturer who produced defective taxi components could be held responsible. Sometimes, liability lies with another driver who crashed into an otherwise responsible taxi operator, in which case a car wreck attorney could help take legal action against that driver for their misconduct.

Recovering for Short and Long-Term Losses

Regardless of who specifically is at fault for a Houston cab collision, a civil lawsuit or settlement could demand compensation for multiple types of losses. Some of these will have already happened by the time the claim begins, and others will not fully manifest for years or even decades afterwards. These losses include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Emergency medical bills and expected long-term care costs
  • Lost work income and/or long-term earning capacity
  • Personal property damage, including vehicle repair/replacement costs

While it is possible to recover compensation through both an insurance claim and a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash, it is not possible to get paid twice through both sources for the exact same loss. Additionally, while the court can impose additional “punitive damages” against a taxi driver or company, the court rarely does this. There are also caps applicable to these damages, which a legal professional could go into more detail about if needed.

Reach Out to an Attorney in Houston After a Taxi Collision

Any time you pay for a taxi driver to take you somewhere, you have a right to expect them to always act responsibly to safely transport you. When you are hurt because a driver did not fulfill this “duty of care,” they may hold civil liability for any harm you suffered because of their behavior.

Getting paid fairly for damages stemming from taxi accidents in Houston can be deceptively difficult, though, especially if you try to file your claim alone. Call today to learn how one of our lawyers could help with your unique situation.