Even the most cautious drivers that adhere to all traffic safety laws and regulations are vulnerable to crashes with negligent motorists. Side-impact collisions occur when careless drivers fail to adhere to right-of-way laws or stop at red lights and stop signs.

Severe broadside accidents happen when one car strikes another on the side and commonly cause painful injuries and property damage. A lawyer seasoned in side-impact/T-Bone car accidents in Houston could answer questions and help hold the negligent party accountable. A car crash attorney could help you seek compensation.

Common T-Bone Car Crash Injuries

Vehicles do not have the same protection on the sides as on the front and back because there is less metal and no bumpers. Usually, the driver and passengers in the car sustaining the blow suffer severe injuries. Some of the common T-Bone car crash injuries include the following:

After side-impact car wrecks, a skilled attorney in Houston could help gather the vital evidence to prove liability and collect a settlement from the at-fault motorist.

State At-Fault Driver Auto Insurance

Texas is an at-fault driver auto insurance state, and when vehicle collisions occur, the involved motorists will file claims with the negligent driver’s insurance company. They can also file a civil lawsuit to seek damages if the coverage amount does not cover the entire cost of bodily harm and property damage.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, every driver must have proof of insurance when collisions occur and carry the minimum amount of coverage state laws require. A driver can choose between full or collision coverage and liability insurance but must cover damages they cause others to sustain at a minimum. That includes vehicle and other property damages and medical expenses.

Communication With Insurance Adjusters

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will contact other drivers for statements after a collision. When a person speaks with the insurance adjuster directly, they risk the agent holding their words against them to minimize the settlement amount. A lawyer knowledgeable about Houston T-Bone car crashes could handle communications and negotiate the compensation amount on a person’s behalf.

Side-Impact Car Wreck Causes

Side-impact car crashes happen for many reasons but almost always involve carelessness. Proving fault could include talking to eyewitnesses, watching surveillance videos, and reviewing the police officer’s accident reports.

Distracted driving is among the most common causes of T-bone collisions in Houston. This includes texting, talking on the phone, or playing with a navigation system or radio. Other common causes are reckless or aggressive driving, speeding, or driving after consuming drugs or alcohol.

The Settlement for Damages

The civil court usually awards a settlement for damages within two primary categories. Economic damages cover verifiable losses, such as medical bills and lost salary, and non-economic damages cover personal losses, such as pain and suffering.

Call an Attorney Knowledgeable About Houston Side-Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents

The aftermath of a side-impact car wreck could leave you with painful injuries, traumatized, upset, and confused about where to start. A compassionate injury lawyer experienced with side impact/T-Bone car accidents in Houston understands your stress and could guide you through the insurance claim and civil court process.

We could investigate to find the cause and collect the evidence needed to establish liability and recover the compensation amount you deserve. Call today to schedule an appointment to review your case and begin working immediately.