Understanding your rights to pursue damages in personal injury cases also involves knowing the common errors that could hurt your eligibility to collect damages. The most effective way to avoid these errors is to review them with a legal professional.

Some of the most common mistakes include failing to seek treatment from a healthcare provider, speaking directly with insurance providers, or missing the personal injury statute of limitations deadline. A qualified auto crash attorney who understands the mistakes to avoid after a Houston car accident could help you navigate the process and collect a just settlement for damages.

Failure to Seek Medical Care

Even when injuries are not apparent immediately, it is important to let first responders provide treatment if they arrive on the scene. When first responders do not come to the scene, drivers must seek treatment from healthcare providers after leaving. Car accidents cause the body to release adrenaline, which can mask the pain from bodily injuries for hours and, in some cases, days.

Not only is that crucial for ensuring they receive the crucial medical care they need for recovery, but medical records are also vital for the personal injury recovery claims process. Calling a Houston attorney immediately after a vehicle collision is an effective way for people to protect themselves and learn what mistakes to avoid afterward.

Failing to Negotiate the Settlement Amount with Insurance Companies

Usually, the insurance company representing the at-fault driver will immediately contact other motorists involved in the collision. They typically ask for a recorded statement about how the collision happened and may also mention the settlement. Providing unnecessary information or statements could severely affect the settlement amount, as the insurance representative could use any of that information against the plaintiff.

However, a car crash lawyer in Houston could handle the communications to negotiate the settlement to ensure the injured party avoids making any mistakes that could decrease compensation. They are experienced with working with agencies and could protect the plaintiff’s best interest and ensure they reach a fair settlement amount.

Missing the Deadline of the Statute of Limitations

A mistake anyone pursuing damages in a vehicle collision claim in Houston should avoid is missing the deadline of the statute of limitations. This could severely affect the injured victim’s ability to collect compensation from the at-fault driver. According to the rules and guidance under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, the expiration date for filing a civil lawsuit for damages for car crash cases is two years from the date of the collision. While the court may extend the time in minimal situations, injured people seeking damages from the negligent driver should quickly prepare the claim and commence legal action.

Exceptions to the time limit may be possible for those who are under 18 at the time of the crash and those who suffer injuries, leaving them mentally impaired. For those cases, the statute begins running the day the minor turns 18 or the mental disability ends. During the consultation, an attorney could review the complete list and answer questions about navigating the procedure to collect compensation successfully.

Consult a Houston Attorney About Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Wreck

Personal injury laws exist to protect the public from damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Even so, the rules are complex and often involve overcoming hurdles to reach a favorable outcome.

A lawyer who knows which mistakes to avoid after a Houston car accident could help you throughout the civil court process and help you collect the maximum potential amount of compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation for later this week to review your case, answer questions, and determine the best strategy to recover the settlement amount you deserve.