Although you should be able to trust that the products you buy are safe and effective, the unfortunate reality is that many consumer goods sold in the United States have dangerous defects that injure consumers. Even worse, successfully obtaining compensation after being hurt by a product is complicated. Pursuing your case without professional guidance could result in you receiving nothing for your losses.

Fortunately, the help you need is available from a Katy defective products lawyer with a track record of positive results. From your initial consultation to the conclusion of your claim, a dedicated personal injury attorney could tenaciously advocate on your behalf and demand the compensation you deserve.

What Defects Could Justify Litigation?

A consumer product must be defective in a few specific ways for someone injured by it to have grounds for litigation. First, a product could have a faulty design, which means a manufacturer conceptualized it in such a way that every instance of a product is inherently dangerous in the same way.

Second, a product may become defective in manufacturing, meaning a mistake during production or assembly left a particular unit or batch unsafe. Third and finally, a product may have insufficient marketing if a manufacturer fails to sufficiently inform consumers about known hazards or instructions for safe use.

It should be noted that while one of these defects must be present for a claim to proceed based on strict liability, it may be possible in some situations to file suit against a product manufacturer based on traditional negligence, breach of warranty, or misrepresentation. A knowledgeable lawyer in Katy could help decide what legal theories and principles may be relevant to a particular defective products claim.

Filing Deadlines for Defective Product Claims

There are two important legal time limits to be aware of when preparing to file a suit over a dangerous consumer product: the statute of limitations and the statute of repose. The statute of limitations is the same one that applies to personal injury lawsuits, giving prospective plaintiffs two years to file a claim after being injured.

The repose deadline is unique to product liability claims, as it references when an individual first purchased an allegedly defective product. As a product liability attorney in Katy could further explain, anyone hurt by something they bought from a manufacturer over 15 years ago may be ineligible to file suit over their injuries, even if those injuries stemmed directly from what would otherwise be a legally actionable defect. Our team could help a plaintiff stay proactive and avoid issues with this statute of repose.

Consider Working with a Katy Defective Products Attorney

Manufacturing companies could bear civil liability for injuries, but filing a suit against a corporation over a dangerous product can be a complex process. If you want a fair chance of achieving your desired case resolution, having help from seasoned legal counsel could be beneficial.

A Katy defective products lawyer could review your situation and offer clarification about your recovery options during a private meeting. Schedule yours by calling today.