Oilfield workers play an important part in providing the energy that powers our cars and homes. While these jobs are important, they can also be dangerous. Each year, oilfield accidents result in serious and fatal injuries.

If you sustained an injury in an oilfield accident, you might be entitled to compensation. However, before you attempt to resolve your case on your own, discussing your options with a Katy oilfield accident lawyer could benefit you. A dedicated injury attorney could work with you to develop the strongest possible claim.

Common Causes of Oilfield Accidents

Anyone that has ever worked in an oilfield understands why it is considered a risky place to work. Multiple factors could result in serious bodily injuries. From incidents involving heavy machinery to hazardous substances, these injuries could alter the course of a worker’s life forever.

Understanding these risk factors is helpful for anyone who plans to pursue legal action. With the guidance of a tenacious attorney in Katy, it could be possible to seek a compensation claim when the following types of oilfield accidents occur:

Vehicle Accidents

Oilfields are full of motor vehicles of all types. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these vehicles are often involved in collisions. Of course, any car accident can result in serious injuries, but the heavy construction vehicles often present in oilfields are especially likely to lead to devastating outcomes.

Hot Objects

There are numerous tools used in oilfields that operate using dangerously high temperatures. Equipment like arc welders has the potential to cause severe burns or fires.

Fall Hazards

Many oilfield workers find themselves at great heights. When falls occur, the injuries can be life-threatening. Even falls on flat ground can result in serious injuries depending on the circumstances.


There are countless harmful chemicals and substances present in oilfields. For example, oil is highly flammable and can cause dangerous fires. Additionally, other chemicals used to clean or service equipment can be toxic, and exposure to those chemicals could result in lasting health issues.

What Compensation is Available?

In many cases, it is possible to pursue legal action following an oilfield accident with the help of a hardworking lawyer in Katy. Successful cases often result in monetary awards. This compensation generally falls into one of two categories, including economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages cover things like lost wages or medical bills. These objective, measurable losses can be recouped down to the last dollar spent. Generally, it is possible to establish the exact amount of economic damages owed with evidence like receipts or invoices.

Non-economic damages cover subjective losses like a person’s pain and suffering or mental anguish. While documentary evidence cannot establish the exact value of these claims, it is possible to show a jury what non-economic losses could be worth. Proving these damages is often done at trial through witness testimony.

Contact an Experienced Oilfield Accident Attorney in Katy Right Away

Getting hurt at work can be incredibly upsetting. However, this is especially true for anyone working in the oil and gas injury. Oilfield injuries can potentially result in debilitating injuries that last a lifetime.

Fortunately, you have the right to discuss your legal options following an accident. Reach out to a Katy oilfield accident lawyer as soon as possible for a private consultation.