No one wants to imagine their elderly family member experiencing neglectful or abusive treatment from staff members, administrators, and other people affiliated with their nursing home or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, this unimaginable scenario is real for far too many Texas families. Most families are unfamiliar with their legal options and unsure what the best response to their unique situation would be.

Guidance from a Katy nursing home abuse lawyer could be vital to determining whether mistreatment is happening inside one of these facilities and taking effective legal action against the people responsible for it. If you have are worried about the treatment your loved one has received, a compassionate personal injury attorney could provide custom guidance and support for your whole family throughout a case.

What to Do About Suspected Nursing Home Abuse

The first and most essential step to addressing nursing home abuse is identifying when it is happening. Mistreatment in a facility could be physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, or sometimes even financial. Symptoms that may be a cause for concern include:

  • Repeated minor or unexplained injuries sustained by residents
  • Unsanitary living conditions, especially if they lead to bedsores
  • Signs of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Sudden changes in personality or mood, especially around a specific staff member
  • Regressive behaviors like thumb-sucking
  • Refusal by nursing home staff to let residents be alone with visitors

While abuse and neglect inside nursing homes is never acceptable and a family should not tolerate unsafe care, immediately proceeding with civil litigation is not always the best approach to this sensitive issue. In some situations, a legal advocate could resolve inadvertent neglect or mildly abusive behavior through speaking directly with facility staff members or administrators about the problem.

In more severe situations, reporting the problem to the Texas Department of State Health Services may be necessary. Removing an impacted resident from immediate danger should be a priority. If necessary, a skilled nursing home abuse attorney in Katy could help efficiently facilitate this with assistance from law enforcement.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable After Nursing Home Abuse?

Whether a family pursues litigation against an individual employee or owner, the facility as a whole, or both, a comprehensive nursing home abuse claim can account for both economic and non-economic damages that a resident sustained. This could include:

  • The cost of necessary medical care
  • Any damage to personal property
  • The cost of assistive medical equipment made necessary by injuries
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological and emotional trauma

A court may also award punitive damages in extreme situations involving intentional malice. During a confidential meeting, a seasoned lawyer in Katy could discuss what losses might play a role in a particular nursing home abuse case.

Speak with a Katy Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

Nursing home residents are vulnerable to physical and psychological harm if mistreated, especially when it comes from the people entrusted with their care. If you suspect your family member has been neglected, abused, or harmed in any other way by nursing home staff or administrators, taking prompt and proactive action on their behalf could be crucial to protecting their future wellbeing.

A dedicated Katy nursing home abuse lawyer could be an irreplaceable ally throughout this complicated process. Call today to get started.