Millions of Americans have at least one prescription or over-the-counter medication that they use regularly to manage chronic illnesses, medical conditions, injuries, or short-term colds and fevers. For the most part, modern medical products are dependable and safe to use as directed. Unfortunately, a handful of products often cause serious harm to multiple consumers before their manufacturers recall them.

A pharmaceutical corporation could be held civilly liable for harm caused by a defective medication. Pursuing compensation without a seasoned personal injury attorney’s help could be incredibly challenging. Therefore, achieving a positive resolution from a legally complex case may require guidance from a hardworking and experienced Katy dangerous drugs lawyer.

How Do Dangerous Drugs Get on the Market?

The federal Food and Drug Administration’s regulations and testing requirements are supposed to make sure that consumable medications serve their intended purpose without putting users at unreasonable risk of harm. This means that pharmaceutical companies must put their products through rigorous testing before releasing them for public sale. Corporations also need to warn physicians and patients about the known side effects of a particular drug.

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways for corporations to slack off when designing and mass-producing medications, some of which the FDA supports. For example, the FDA’s 510(k) process allows manufacturers to go through an expedited approval process for drugs and devices that are substantially similar to other products on the market. This shortcut could sometimes lead to largely untested products reaching the public without any resistance from federal authorities.

In other situations, drug companies knowingly fail to inform consumers about the risks associated with a particular drug or even outright lie about them, knowing their private legal teams could protect them from any resulting litigation. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain fair compensation from a careless drug manufacturer with assistance from a knowledgeable defective drugs attorney in Katy.

Pursuing Harmful Drug Litigation with Help from Other Plaintiffs

It is often best for an injured person to combine resources and pursue claims with other plaintiffs because of how much money and resources many drug companies devote to contesting civil litigation. This is known as mass tort litigation and, in the context of dangerous drug claims, often takes the specific form of a class action lawsuit. Through a successful class action, a plaintiff could recover compensation for both the economic and non-economic losses they sustained, including:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost work income or earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological anguish
  • Lost consortium and overall quality of life

A skilled lawyer in Katy could discuss specific compensable damages and filing options for a harmful drug claim during a confidential consultation.

A Katy Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

Defective and dangerous consumer drugs cause serious harm to thousands of people across America each year. You may not have been harmed if a company had responsibly made the medication in question. If you suffered harm in this way, enforcing your legal right to pursue financial compensation may be difficult to do alone.

Guidance and support from a Katy dangerous drugs lawyer could substantially boost your prospects of a positive case resolution. Call today to schedule a meeting.